10 Best Mason Jar Flatware Caddies

Mason jars have always been used to can fruit and store jam.

Now they’re having a trendy moment and are the perfect item to update your kitchen décor.

Why not combine style with function and store your flatware in one of these great 10 Mason Jar Flatware Caddies.

Our 10 Favorite Mason Jar Flatware Caddy

1. MyGift Whitewashed Wood Flatware Utensil Holder for Table, Casual Dining Flatware Holder for Countertop with 3 Mason Jars and Chalkboard Labels

Mason Jar utensil holder for kitchen silverware

This caddy holds three mason jars in a vintage whitewashed basket that would add a bit of country charm to any kitchen or table. The basket is made of wood which gives the design an aesthetic look!

The jars are not wide-mouth, so they will only hold a limited amount of flatware. This item would be great for daily use or on a picnic table, but not to store all your flatware.

2.Mason Jar Glass Utensil Holder Flatware Caddy Silverware Organizer for Spoons, Knives and Forks with Rustic Wood Tray for Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Countertop


Charming mason jar utensil set for cutlery in kitchen

Showcase your flatware on a buffet with this charming wood mason jar silverware set. The jars are large enough to hold at least 12 place settings, which is great for a party or gathering. This mason jar flatware holder would be a nice piece in the kitchen.

3. Home Essentials Set of 3 Mason Jar Flatware Caddies with Chalk Tags


This set of 3 mason jars comes on a galvanized tray to hold your flatware neatly. The attached chalk tags are a cute personal touch to draw or label as you please.

The glass jars are quite thin, so handle with care. The jars are also quite deep, so they won’t work well to store small sized utensils.

4. Home Essentials Del Sol Mason Jar Flatware Caddy

Organize your flatware in this caddy, which holds three mason jars in metal wire basket, and offers enough room for spoons, forks, and knives.

It is easy to move around with a convenient handle. The jars are quite large though, so it will take up a lot of your counter space.

5. Elegant Home 5 Pc Set Flatware Caddy Organizer


This caddy fits four blue jars to add a beautiful pop of color to your kitchen and fit four types of flatware!

The amount of space and the convenient handle is a great bonus. It is quite long and will take up a good amount of space on your counter.

6. Classic Mason Jar Flatware in Caddy with Handles and Chalkboard Signs


This caddy has adorable hanging chalkboard tags to label each item and keep flatware organized.

It also has helpful handles, which make it great for a buffet or outdoor party. The design is rather industrial looking, so it might not work well in all kitchens.

7. Square 4 Sectional Flatware Caddy


This caddy has room for four mason jars, which optimizes storage space. The wire caddy with wooden handle is simple and sleek, and would work with any style kitchen.

The square design will take up more counter space, so this caddy would work better on a table or for an outdoor party.

8. Vintage Style Mason Jar Utensil Caddy


This caddy offers a simple design with a wooden tray, which would nice as a vintage touch or would complement casual décor.

The caddy comes pre-labeled for knives, forks, and spoons, so you are limited to storing only those items, as the labels are not inter-changeable.

The tray is also divided into three sections, so you are limited to using three smaller mason jars.

9. Home Basics 3 Piece Mason Jar Set Cutlery Caddy


This caddy offers a minimalistic design which will work well in any style kitchen. It includes a metal stand to hold the mason jars, with handles which make it easy to move.

However, with the side handles it will take up quite a bit of your kitchen counter space.

10. Pig Basket Utensil Organizer


This caddy holds 6 mason jars, which will give you room to organize all your flatware. It is a very large basket style caddy, so it wouldn’t work well to store on your kitchen counter or small table.

The pig motif and basket style would look nice in a country or farmhouse theme house, but not in a formal dining room.

Update your kitchen storage or elevate your next outdoor party décor with one of these 10 mason jar caddies.

Keep your flatware organized and within reach, and then take a minute to admire the cute design of your new mason jar caddy