Do you know that feeling of frustration when there are a hundred things in your kitchen drawer, but you can’t find the one fork you’re looking for?

It has happened to everyone, and it’s the worst.

Enter: flatware caddies!

The perfect solution to keeping your kitchen organized and your essentials within reach.

10 Best Vintage Flatware Caddies

Note: We’ve ranked the caddies below based on a number of criteria, but ultimately it comes down to what you like and what matches your personal preference.

Vintage Flatware Caddy Reviews

1. Songbirds Metal Divided Kitchen Caddy

Vintage silverware holder to organize the kitchen

This item is perfect to keep your flatware organized and add a vintage touch to your kitchen.

It will look great on your counter, but it only has 2 compartments for flatware, and one for napkins. However, it is a great piece for sorting silver ware and providing your kitchen with a vintage feel.


2. Wicker Cutlery Caddy

Vintage silverware holder for clean house

This is an ideal everyday cutlery caddy with a vintage wicker look that would complement your kitchen table or breakfast nook.

It has 4 separate sections, which is a plus. It is quite casual, and wouldn’t work well on a formal dining table.

3. Kenley Galvanized Tin Caddy

Vintage silverware caddy to sort flatware

This tin caddy has a lovely vintage rustic farmhouse style.

It is separated into four separate metal bins, which gives you enough room for flatware and napkins, and spaces to add labels.

The size is rather large and heavy, so be aware that it will take up a lot of counter space.

4. Home Essentials Set of 3 Mason Jar Flatware Caddies with Chalk Tags

Vintage mason jar silverware organizer

This set of 3 mason jars comes on a galvanized tray to hold your flatware neatly.

The attached chalk tags are a cute personal touch to draw or label as you please.

The glass jars are quite thin, so handle with care. The jars are also quite deep, so they won’t work well to store small sized utensils.

5. Elegant Home Set of Four Glass on Metal Rack Flatware Caddy Organizer Set


This caddy is very elegant and would look beautiful on a formal dining table.

It would also make a great housewarming gift. It is very heavy, so it would be hard to move from the kitchen to the table frequently.

6. Distressed Metal Vintage Bus Tabletop Caddy


This caddy is an adorable statement piece to add to your kitchen.

Add function and style to your kitchen and organize your flatware in this cute vintage bus.

This item is a bold way to organize your flatware, and will not work well in a formal style kitchen or dining room.

7. Milk Pail Kitchen Serving Utensil Holder Country Décor

Vintage kitchen organizer for silverware

This vintage style milk pail will add rustic style to your country kitchen. It would work well only for larger flatware such as serving utensils.

Because of the rustic style, it would be better suited for a country home, not a formal dining table.

8. Home Essentials Del Sol Mason Jar Flatware Caddy


Organize your flatware in this caddy, which holds three mason jars in metal wire basket, and offers enough room for spoons, forks, and knives.

It is easy to move around with a convenient handle. The jars are quite large though, so it will take up a lot of your counter space.

9. Elegant Home 5 Pc Set Flatware Caddy Organizer


This caddy fits four blue jars to add a beautiful pop of color to your kitchen and fit four types of flatware!

The amount of space and the convenient handle is a great bonus. It is quite long and will take up a good amount of space on your counter.

10. Creative Co-Op Wire Utensil Holder


This flatware holder comes in two color options which are both beautiful. It has four separate sections to maximize utility.

However, be careful to balance your flatware out evenly, as its lightweight material makes it easy to topple over.

Final Thoughts

These 10 vintage flatware caddies are great options to keep your utensils organized and add a decorative touch to your kitchen or dining room table.

With these beautiful caddies, there will be no more digging through unorganized drawers, and your utensils will always be within reach.