How to Choose The Right Type of Utensil Holder For Your Home

After you have decided which rooms in your home you need a utensil holder, the next step is to decide which type of utensil holder is for you. There are three main types of utensil holders:
1. Counter-top utensil holders
2. Drawer utensil holders
3. Hanging utensil holders

Think about the overall goal you have for organizing your utensils before deciding which type of utensil holder to get. I am going to walk you through each separate type so you know which is best for your organizing needs.

Counter-top Utensil Holders

These utensil holders are perfect for your long or odd-shaped utensils that won’t easily fit in a drawer. These are most commonly kitchen utensils such as tongs, whisks, or cooking spoons, but can also include bathroom and office utensils such as scissors, makeup brushes, or craft supplies.

Counter-top utensil organizers will also save you drawer space. Most people have very limited drawers in their kitchen, bathroom, or home office. A counter-top utensil caddy will keep your accessories out of the drawers, keep them more accessible, and save room in your drawers for other items you may want out of the way.

A counter-top utensil caddy can add some style to your room. Your utensil holder does not have to be boring. There are so many unique utensil holders that can be attractive. Find one that matches your room decor or adds a pop of color to your room. Utensil organizers can be useful in getting you organized AND decorate your kitchen, bathroom, or office. There are so many different styles of utensil holders to match any room decor, such as stainless steel, ceramic, bamboo, and wood. And they come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes!

Counter-top utensil holders keep your utensils easily accessible. A counter-top utensil caddy can easily be picked up and moved around on the counter or workspace. This may be especially important for cooking efficiency in a large kitchen, keeping all your utensils right at your fingertips. It is also helpful if you are using your utensil organizer for craft supplies, allowing you to carry your supplies from room to room as needed. You can also choose a portable flatware caddy for your outdoor entertaining.

Drawer Utensil Holders

These utensil holders are great for organizing a “junk” drawer or storing all those small odds and ends. Drawer utensil holders are useful in any room and are most commonly used as a flatware organizer or “junk” drawer organizer in your kitchen, office supply holder, or toothbrush caddy in your bathroom drawer.

Drawer utensil holders are great for organizing all those small office supplies such as staples, rubber bands, loose change, pens, and paper clips. These are items that everyone has in their homes but may not have a very good place to keep them. A drawer organizer will keep them accessible but hidden out of the way. Instead of having to rummage around in that “junk” drawer, a simple drawer organizer can make your life simpler.

Drawer organizers come in many sizes. Make sure that you measure your drawer or find a utensil holder that is adjustable to fit inside your drawer. Also, pay attention to the size of the compartments within the drawer organizer. Some even offer removable compartment partitions for you to customize your drawer utensil holder.

Drawer utensil holders come in different styles. Choose which one is right for you, wood, plastic, bamboo, or wire. The nice thing about a drawer utensil holder is that no one can see it so you can choose whatever style you prefer. Things to think about when choosing a style is how easy it is to clean, and whether your utensils will stay in place.

Hanging Utensil Holder

These utensil holders are perfect for displaying your utensils, especially that nice kitchen utensil set you got for your wedding that is currently hidden in a drawer. These are most commonly used in the kitchen for your cooking tools, such as spatulas, cooking spoons, whisks and more, or your bathroom for your shower supplies. You can also use a hanging utensil holder in your craft room for ribbons, brushes, yarn, or string. Be creative!

Your cooking help won’t have any trouble finding your utensils with a hanging utensil holder. There is no searching for your supplies when they are hanging right on your wall!

A hanging utensil holder will also save you drawer space AND counter space in your room. Your utensils will be out of the way but still easily accessible. Some utensil holders may not even need a wall, you can hang it from your oven hood.

Hanging utensil holders can be an attractive accessory in your room. Choose a style that is right for you, stainless steel, wood, or plastic. There are many shapes and sizes of hanging utensil holders to choose from.

There are many options of utensil holders to choose from! After you have decided which room you are going to use your utensil holder in, next decide which type you need! There are so many possibilities to help your rooms become organized!