Prodyne M-935 Chromed Metal Flatware Caddy

Prodyne Chromed Metal Flatware CaddyIf you need a way to organize your flatware, besides the traditional in-drawer utensil holder then a flatware caddy is what you need. Flatware caddys are also great if you do a lot of indoor or outdoor entertaining as you can serve your guests buffet style and move the caddy from room to room. Check out this review of the Prodyne Chromed Metal Flatware Caddy I think you’ll enjoy.

Features at a Glance

  • Four cylinders made of stainless steel metal
  • Black rubber bottom
  • 7″ x 6.5″ x 10″
  • 3 lbs.

What I Like About This Product

Rubber bottom. The black rubber bottom will prevent this flatware caddy from scratching your countertop or prevent it from slipping around.

Modern stainless steel style. This utensil caddy is very clean with it’s stainless steel cylinders, great for the modern kitchen style or one with stainless steel appliances to match.

Handle on top. The ring handle on the top of this flatware caddy is great for moving it from room to room. You can load up your utensils in the kitchen and then carry it outside for your outdoor luncheon or barbeque.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

No room for napkins or dishes. If you are looking for a complete utensil caddy then this is not the one for you, as it does not have a spot to hold napkins or dishes like some of the other flatware caddy’s reviewed here. But, if you just need something to organize your silverware, then this caddy will work great for you.

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Where to Buy

You can get this flatware caddy at Amazon.