Progressive International Rotating Tool Crock

Progressive International Rotating Utensil CrockIf you are looking for a classy rotating utensil holder for your kitchen gadgets then you should check out the Progressive International Rotating Tool Crock. It features a classic style with rotating feature, great for organizing your kitchen utensils!

Features at a Glance

  • Large stainless steel rotating compartment
  • Smaller plastic compartment with plastic base
  • Three separate compartments within large cylinder
  • 8.8 inches by 5.4 inches by 7 inches
  • 1.7 lbs.

What I Like About This Product

Two separate sized compartments. The two different sized compartments offer versatility with this utensil crock. The larger cylinder has three integrated divisions for organizing your taller utensils without them getting tangled or falling out. The shorter cylinder is great for the smaller kitchen gadgets such as a potato peeler or can opener.

It’s rotating. This is a great feature for keeping your utensils easily accessible. They will be right at your fingertips by just turning the utensil crock.

Classic style with function. The stainless steel makes this utensil holder look great in any kitchen. It will work great in a small kitchen because it is not too large, but will still accommodate several utensils.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

The only thing I would change about this utensil holder is to make the smaller compartment stainless steel as well, instead of plastic. The good thing about it being plastic though is that it gives it a two-tone look which is a little more unique than your standard stainless steel utensil holder.

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Where to Buy

You can conveniently order this great rotating utensil holder from Amazon.