The Pros and Cons of a Makeup Brush Holder

If you are a woman who wears makeup, you most likely have a supply of makeup brushes. Unless you are one of the rare people who already have an organization system for these accessories and cosmetics, you most likely have a messy drawer or makeup pouch somewhere in your bathroom where these items are stored. Now is the time to think about getting a makeup brush holder. Below I will outline the pros and cons of getting a makeup brush holder and help you pick the right one for your needs.


Keeps your brushes accessible. With the use of a makeup brush holder your brushes and cosmetics will be within reach for your daily use. Instead of having to rummage through a drawer or makeup bag for the brush you need, they will be easily organized in your brush holder. Even the small eyeshadow brushes will be easy to find, reducing the time needed for you to apply your makeup. All your brushes will be right at your fingertips, no searching involved.

Keeps your brushes clean and dry. Most people don’t realize this, but your makeup brushes need to be cleaned frequently. The powder/cosmetics will start to build-up between the bristles harboring bacteria. A dirty makeup brush can mean more acne. When you use your makeup brushes day after day without washing them, you are applying all the oil, dead skin cells, and toxins back on your face at the next use. Using a makeup brush holder can help keep your brushes clean by keeping them separated and helping them dry after each wash. If you are tossing your brushes all together into a bag or drawer, they are contaminating one another each time. If you keep them in a holder, they can stay separated without cross-contamination. And, since makeup brush holders keep your brushes upright, they will dry quicker after each wash.

Helps maintain the brush form. Laying your brushes down or storing them with other cosmetics can ruin the bristles. Most makeup wearers are pretty attached to their makeup brushes and don’t want to have to keep investing in a new set. To avoid this from happening, using a makeup brush organizer will keep the bristles shape.

Organizes your bathroom. There are a lot of things you need to store in your bathroom. You may find yourself with limited drawer space and need a solution to help keep your bathroom organized. A makeup brush or cosmetic organizer will help you do just that. You can get those items out of your drawers and find a makeup brush holder with a design you love to display.

Look great in your bathroom or vanity. Makeup brush holders do not have to be ugly or boring. There are so many unique and stylish organizers. Your makeup brush holder can serve two purposes, they organize your cosmetic accessories AND add some style to your bathroom or vanity. When choosing a makeup brush organizer, think about your style and what you would like to display in your bathroom. Your company will love the unique organization accessories.


Takes up counter space. One downfall of getting a makeup brush holder is that most of them are intended to sit on your bathroom counter or vanity. If you have a pedestal sink or very limited vanity space, a countertop makeup brush holder may take up too much of your space. If this is an issue for you, make sure to check out some the makeup brush organizers that don’t sit on the counter or take up a lot of space.

Need to be cleaned. Like everything else, these utensil holders will need to be cleaned. Makeup and dust can build-up on your holder quickly. The good news is that with most makeup brush holders, all it takes to clean them is some soap and water.

Now that you know what to expect from a makeup brush holder, you can choose which one is right for you. Check back soon as I will be outlining the top makeup brush holders. For now, check out some that have already been reviewed here:

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