Top 3 Makeup Organizers

You Should Have The Best Makeup Organizer

If you don’t have a makeup brush holder or cosmetic organizer for your vanity, then make sure you don’t settle for anything but the best. There are several options to choose from, but how do you know if you’re getting the best one? I will break it down for you with these top 3 makeup brush and cosmetic organizers.

Makeup Brush Rotating Storage Caddy #1 Makeup Brush Rotating Storage Caddy

This makeup brush holder made the top of the list for these reasons:

  • Large storage capacity. This makeup storage caddy can hold several of your makeup brushes and cosmetics. There are several separate compartments to organize your makeup accessories. The compartments range in size so your can better organize your smaller and larger cosmetics.
  • It’s rotating. Not many utensil holders have this great feature! No need to search in the back of this makeup brush holder for what you need, you can just spin it around and have your accessories right at your fingertips. Even though this comsetic organizer holds many makeup brushes and cosmetics, they will never be lost of forgotten about. Rotating this holder makes things easy to find and fun!
  • Classy cream faux leather. This makeup brush caddy looks great on any bathroom vanity because of its classy style. The cream faux leather covering gives it a clean look.

Brown Butterfly High Heel Platform for Makeup Brushes or Pen Holder#2 High-Heel Platform Makeup Brush Holder

Check out the great features of one of the best makeup brush holders:

  • Unique and trendy. You really can’t find a more unique makeup brush holder than this one! It’s not just a boring vanity organizer. This makeup brush holder is truly unique, shaped like a high-heel platform shoe with great style!
  • Colors. This makeup brush holder comes in so many different colors and styles, you will want to buy them all! Just like there is an endless number of high-heel shoes to choose from, there is also a huge selection of high-heel makeup brush holders! The only problem is that they are all so cute, you won’t be able to decide which one to get.

Large Personal Organizer with Drawers#3 Large Personal Organizer with Drawers

This cosmetic organizer closes out the top 3 makeup organizers because of these great features:

  • Compartments. The great thing about this cosmetic organizer is the varying sized compartments for storing both large and small cosmetics and accessories.
  • Drawers. If you want to keep some of your cosmetics out of view then this organizer has three drawers where you can do just that! Don’t want your jewelry or accessories in plain view on your vanity? Then this organizer is perfect. Tuck our things away in one of the three drawers.
  • Great storage capacity. There is a place for everything in this large organizer. If you have limited drawer space in your bathroom, then free up some of that space by storing your cosmetics and makeup brushes in this organizer.