Totally Bamboo Lattice Utensil Holder

Totally Bamboo Lattice Utensil HolderThe Bamboo Lattice Utensil Holder by Totally Bamboo is a sturdy, ecologically green, attractive utensil holder. The unique lattice bamboo adds style to your room while keeping your utensils at hand.

Features at a Glance

  • Made of Moso bamboo
  • 5 inches in diameter x 7 inches tall
  • Ecologically responsible without the use of pesticides or fertilizers
  • 1 pound

What I Like About This product

It’s made of bamboo. Bamboo is a sturdy product that is attractive. Bamboo is 16 percent stronger than maple and will last longer. It is an excellent alternative to natural wood, with the same rich look. Add some bamboo utensils to this and you can create a whole bamboo look to your kitchen.

It’s size. This utensil holder is large enough to hold several of your utensils and tools. The height and durability also allows for easy storage of your tall utensils without worrying about tipping.

Lattice sides. This feature makes this utensil organizer very attractive and also allows for airflow through for faster drying of your utensils.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

It requires some maintenance. For quick cleaning you can wash this product with warm water, but for long-term care it is recommended that you use a bamboo wood oil to extend the life and quality of the bamboo. Luckily, I found the Joyce Chen Bamboo Wood Oil for cheap to keep all your bamboo accessories’ natural color and moisture.

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Where to Buy

You can buy this Totally Bamboo Lattice Utensil Holder at Amazon. Also, don’t forget the bamboo wood oil to keep this product lasting forever. If you would like to complete this look with matching utensils, you can find some great priced bamboo utensil sets here as well.