Large Personal Organizer with Drawers

Large Personal Organizer with DrawersThis is a very classy-looking cosmetic organizer or office organizer. It is great for your bathroom accessories such as cosmetics or makeup brushes. It also works great in your home office for organization of all your office supplies. It will look great as a desktop organizer in any room in your home!

Features at a Glance

  • Measures 9″ high by 24″ wide by 6′ deep
  • 13 open compartments and 3 small drawers
  • White finish
  • No assembly required

What I Like About This Product

No assembly required. Sometimes when buying more complex utensil organizers there is some “minor” assembly required. This usually ends up being more than minor and takes time to set up before you can start enjoying your purchase. With this cosmetic or office organizer you don’t have to worry about putting it together. No assembly required!

White finish. The color and style of this utensil organizer makes it very stylish and classy. It will look great in any room.

Drawers. The drawers are very useful for storing those small odds and ends, whether they are cosmetics, crafts, or office supplies. Store your accessories out of sight. This is especially useful for storing jewelry that you don’t want sitting out in the open.

What I Don’t like About This Product

There isn’t anything I would change about this cosmetic organizer. There are a wide variety of compartment sizes to hold a multitude of your accessories, large or small.

Where to Buy

This classy Large Personal Organizer with Drawers is available conveniently on Amazon. Get it for your home office or bathroom vanity.